"HD Brows" is a trendy treatment to shape a picture-perfect set of eyebrows. There are a total of 7 steps required to enhance your brows including threading, waxing and tinting which will include HD Brows products. There are also several of these products which can be sold, for you to shape your brows in the comfort of your own home.


  1. Consultation and Analysis

    A HD Stylist will design an eyebrow fit for your face shape and your personal requirements (e.g. you may want thicker and dense brows).

  2. Tinting

    There are several pigmented colours of tint that can be used to suit your skin tone and hair colour. The specialist will apply the tint to get an even distribution of colour and enhance the colour of your own brows.

  3. Waxing

    A quick step which involves stripping unwanted hair around brow using HD Wax.

  4. Threading

    Extra hairs are removed to create a perfect and distinct shape using a thread

  5. Tweezing

    Any stubborn, individual hairs can be removed using a tweezer.

  6. Trimming

    A final touch to trim long strands of hair with HD Scissors, creating a levelled and tidy brow line.

  7. Aftercare and Finish

    Any gaps in your brows will be filled in using a HD brow palette or HD brow pencil and to enhance the "streamlined" look, the stylist will conceal under your brow bone, upon your request (you may want a more natural finish). You will also be consulted on aftercare needed at home, what products to avoid immediately after treatment.