IPL is a light therapy used commonly for hair removal however many skin conditions can be treated using our machines (incl. hyperpigmentation, superficial veins).

The machine works by emitting a wavelength which will target the pigment of the hair follicle, the follicle will then absorb the light and transfer to heat thus destroying it and stunting hair growth in the particular area. 9-12 sessions are recommended for all living hair in the area to be diminished, time-saving as the rigorous and repetitive task of shaving/waxing will not be a problem any longer.

Your IPL Specialist will firstly consult you on your skin type and any existing medical conditions - giving you a patch test on an area to ensure the IPL treatments will not have a negative effect on you. The consultation is an important step as it will ensure the right type of machine is used and the treatments can have maximum impact.