1. Swedish Massage

    A "classic" massage technique originating in Sweden, refers to a relaxing and tranquil experience. The technique is a general-purpose one which focuses on a variety of techniques including: stroking, kneading, pounding etc. This massage will allow warmth from the masseuse's hands to relax sore muscles, improve blood circulation and diminish any tightness.

  2. Indian Head Massage

    This specific type of massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders and face, relaxation is given by targeting specific pressure points to reduce or eliminate any headaches, migraines, strain in the eyes and tense muscles. Both the body and mind will receive great tranquillity as knots and strains will be loosened making you feel lighter and less stressed.

  3. Deep Tissue Massage

    For those who suffer from chronic strain in the muscles and tissues, the deep tissue massage is recommended. Deep strokes are targeted at specific areas of discomfort to release the tension, using both slow and hard strokes depending on the severity of the strain.